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A Box of Snow (2015)

Photographic Documentation, Postal Receipt, Statement, Spot Light, Freezer Blocks, Pallet, Box Of Snow


Jeffrey Fozzard

Sue Fozzard




Source of snow- La Thuile, Valle d’Aosta, Italy, Adjacent to the St.Bernard Pass



23rd April 2015




There is a crystal white minerality in the snow on mountains, so clear and pure it is hard to imagine without having experienced it. The skies too seem to be as clear a blue as any ocean in existence, or else veiled in dense white clouds of snow.



On the twenty third of April two thousand and fifteen, I requested that such a box of snow be sent to myself. The seemingly impossible task fell to a couple who’s acquaintance I had made earlier in the year. The snow ceases to be snow and instead becomes a way of questioning distance, geographically, temporally, through a yearning for  place and a connection between people. This simple gesture explores the nature of snow and the nature of understanding. The inevitability of the snows melting was always a conscious aspect of the work, the faith in snow does not lie in its arrival, but in the faith that it will arrive, it is the same hope that resides in the mind of a child.

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