Frederick Hubble is a Black Country / Birmingham based artist in the UK.

He has exhibited his work across the UK, as well as exhibiting internationally in both solo and group exhibitions. 

His current practice encompasses ideas surrounding gesture. Working with the residual, the vestige of an art practice he investigates an idea of time, the continuing ruptures/ reformation/ the nonsensical to the sensual, in a multiplicity of forms and ideas.


Formulations of ideas can spring from the everyday, making and connections are formed everywhere. Pieces are often traces of events or objects that are vestiges of gestures. He questions notions of authenticity through his practice, and the nature of experience and that translation or transference of experience, whether that is a gesture, a performance, a photograph, a piece of prose, an object.


Through exploring different cultural and natural histories his practice interweaves narratives and histories attached to place. 

Exploring cultivation, growth and cooking as artistic gesture, creating through these methodologies art can become a cultural, physical exchange, a different form of cultivation that endures in a different manner to conventional art making.


He is interested in the cultural and natural histories of places, the forms we find in them, the presence we find in them, and how these presences resonate through creating artwork on the sites, the site becomes a lens through which to view art and become a new language through which the site can speak.



fragmentary gestural.


                                  quietness                          pensive contemplations




                                       Playing freely 



Slapstick suggestions                     






                    a trace of it.







quietly sit in spaces