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Frederick Hubble is a Black Country / Birmingham based artist in the UK.

I’m an artist-researcher and my practice is concerned with looking into our relationships to place, to time, to climate and to culture.


My current practice considers seasonality as a relationship that incorporates the experience of being, with seasons, the recognition of sequence within lived experiences in different climates, and the tension between climates / phenological / meteorological / solar / cultural events around which we build culture. 


Within my practice I explore the fractures within those relationships, the frameworks of those relationships and art practice’s ability to reframe de-stabilise and re-scale those relationships, hopefully making for more sustainable arts practices as well as for more present ways within which we can interact with the environments, processes and beings around us. 

I am interested in the cultural and natural histories of places, the forms we find in them, the presence we find in them, and how these presences resonate through creating artwork on the sites, the site becomes a lens through which to view art and become a new language through which the site can speak.



fragmentary gestural.


                                  quietness                          pensive contemplations




                                       Playing freely 



Slapstick suggestions                     






                    a trace of it.







quietly sit in spaces 






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