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Old gold shines in the nest of a warm            branches embrace,


 sack, cloth and warm desert air.


                                            Seas of blue and orange.



Cold white alabaster shines in the Sun

whose company it knows not.



1 cup Desert


1000 Kelvin of Sol


1 touch grass


2 Smiles


1 Patch of Wheat


1 tsp Mountain


10 tbsp Sea






Eat custard from paint cans to restore your childhood vibrance


Enjoy the warm gold rays of the chrome sun it's glistening fronds in the lampshade evening

On Finding The Ideal Sock


Different socks produce different forms of heat, insulation for the foot, different perspirations and temperature fluctuations in the toes; the ideal sock is an illusion. The sock for cold temperatures is one that I am concerned with, to provide consistent warmth without perspiration.

It seems here that the real question instead is one of variations in climate. The perfect sock is in fact a terracotta patio warmed by the sun, somewhere in the Mediterranean. To impose the idea that such a sock exists is tantamount to madness, to suggest a one-size fits all too, is fraught with error.

The Fortune Teller fish and the Barometer – magic – temperature – heat – motion – moisture – giving life to a dead fish.


The Fortune Teller Fish and the Barometer are measures, both for climate, though different forms of climate. The barometer measures meteorological climate, the Fortune Teller Fish: the climate of a physiology. The fish proclaims too, to be something of a soothsayer, whereas its predictions are lost as they are grounded only in the present, the physiological condition; from the amount of moisture on the hand, the film absorbs and reacts. The fish indicates that should it be moving both its head and tail, the fluttering would imply something of the feeling of being in love, whereas if you perspire from your palms particularly profusely, it declares that you are passionate, albeit, exerting a particular amount of moisture that the fish reacts to physically. The fish in turn needs contact with a particular surface, if submerged in water the fish dies. The barometer on the other hand is an indicator of weather, both inclement and fair; the reading is based on air pressure, and can predict changes in the weather in the short term. Monitoring the environment of the studio, it is passively engaged with, the occasional tap to reset its equilibrium, whereas the fish requires direct touch, lest it be a seemingly inanimate object.


The barometer sits, taking no notice of the sound of the wind.


The fish must be caught, beaten on the head, or thrown back into the sea.

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