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Seven Constellations
Screen print on brass (2016)
Oranges and Lemons
Spanish Orange trees, Spanish Lemon trees, Oranges, Lemons (2016)

The objects in the space consist of seven sculptural objects in Seven Constellations, the notion of time is explored; through charting star constellations that are reworked onto abstract forms, five of which are inspired by Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.


The choice of seven has a base in Alchemy; seven pieces as one whole, as in the practice of Alchemy, however, the sculptures retain their autonomy as singular objects.


The floor sculpture documents the stars below us in relative terms. The sculpture critiques the scientific perspective of the Renaissance, Pre-Copernicus and the notion of the Earth rotating around the Sun. The placement of the objects in the space mirrors their positions in reality at the time they were charted. The inclusion of satellites and planetary objects further obscures their relationship to time; the trace of the event is captured but never the same in the artwork. Brass is used in the practice of Horology, in particular the moon-phase dials that appear on certain watches. Stars often feature in these dials but have no relative place of their own, they become merely decorative, and in the sculptures they are seen as actual constellations.


The trees are adorned with oranges and lemons, despite flowering patterns, which are every two years; the fruit added to them changes their narrative within the space, the fruit is from elsewhere, not the trees themselves, it has travelled from its country of origin thereby there authenticity is questioned. The fruit is hung in groupings based on star constellations.





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