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Lunch at the Nipple Dome


Venus Anodyomene



Naked in the sea

The grape or the garlic



The diner is offered a slice of toasted sour dough, drizzled in olive oil, 

at one end of the bread sits a roasted grape, the other a peeled clove of garlic. 


The blush of pale skin before time has touched her


Tomato, dates, shallot, aged balsamic vinegar, raw honey, parmigiano reggiano  


Lips and labial pleasures


Pomegranate, rocket, spinach, lemon, roasted grape, aged balsamic vinegar, rose petals



Each ingredient is to be eaten individually from a rose petal, topped with a single drop of balsamic vinegar.




Venus Blushed


Ajo Blanco





Venus’ Breasts tanning in the Autumn sun

Capezzoli de Venere 



Brandied chestnut truffles with dark chocolate, coated in tempered white chocolate and milk chocolate nipples,

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