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Nangal Pend-ing / DarkVillage.stl (2022) Roo Kaur Dhissou, Sahjan Kooner. Edition of 100

Two of Seven Constellations - On Fractured Timekeeping (short written piece)

| [ D I S C U R S I V E  S P A C E S ] |​

As part of Asylum Gallery's partnership with Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2021.

Bermuda: Post-Utopia, 2016, Rope Press, Bermuda Collective. Exhibition Publication
Review of Frieze for Turning Point West Midlands

Printed Book limited run, 25 editions.

One perfect bound 170gsm uncoated paper, 100 pages


Matte Magazine Version


Eight short separate texts and four prints available alongside or separate to publication, please inquire on contact page for supplements.

Strange Attractors  Catalogue 2016

Rove- Catalogue 2015


Wander, wonder 


Through thoughts, through a field.

To wander is not the act of a simple stroll or a ramble, wandering is an altogether more engaged experience. Paradoxically it can be with and without purpose.


It was a Thursday, the twelfth of November, two thousand and thirteen, a comet, Ison, a giant snowball, on its five-point five million year journey, was just passing through to its natural end. The people who sit with telescopes in the dark, failed to see it before it fizzled out. They failed to see a moment they had long awaited, but they waited none the less. That was two years ago.

It may seem a pointless task. But better, to see more clearly through the mist in your midst, becoming a foghorn in an orchestra or the tiniest cymbal.


The eternal child accepts and questions all with the warmth of the sun. Our Sun, G in its class, a yellow dwarf, one of a billion others. In grand space it is one of the most common of stars, settling into its middle-age. Ideas are like Suns, explosive, warming, often unstable, with the potential to breathe new life into a void of space. Like Suns ideas can equally fade or implode upon themselves, but they exist for a moment, their light cast upon all that surrounds them. 


There is a beat in walking that mimics the motions of desert dunes. Be like breakers on the shores of oceans. 


Pay great attention to the stones in your shoes. For they hold the truth to your step. Sprain your ankle on a spiteful rock but gaze at its roundness; know it with your whole being.

It is no longer a matter of destination, but renewal with the rising and setting of Suns.

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